"Kissy Doll", the new video by Vain Vipers

"Kissy Doll", the new video by Vain Vipers, rockers and other animals, rock news

Vain Vipers now make their new single "Kissy Doll" available through the YouTube channel of Volcano Records & Promotion. This piece is extracted from the new album "Vain Vipers" and is a work from the 80s Hard Rock sounds proposed in a modern key. Vocal harmonies and airy refrains set in powerful and rough rhythm sections.
"Kissy Doll" is accompanied by a fun and entertaining video clip which unequivocally highlights the personality of the band and its members. It is a concentrate of pure glam rock in which music, irony, eroticism and fantasy find a perfect balance and give life to a fresh and genuine product, but above all completely Made in Italy.
The Vain Vipers therefore give us the opportunity to take a dip in the past while keeping our eyes turned towards modernity. The premises seem good, who knows what surprises will reserve us in the coming months.

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Vain Vipers -  “Kissy Doll” Official Video

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