First informations on the new B4U album (Be For You)

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"The Things I  Never Told You" is the title of the new album B4U (Be For You), which will be released by Volcano Records & Promotion on March 1 in both physical and digital versions on all major streaming platforms and online purchases ( iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify).

According to record work for the Spanish rock band, mixed by the renowned producer Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Jorn Lande, Sunstorm, Revolution Saints), "The Things I Never Told You" comes from a specific conceptual idea, each song has its own dose of implicit melancholy, but also of strength, optimism, lightness or simply truth, but does not present itself as a real concept album.

Below is the tracklist of "The Things I Never Told You":

 1. Words Unspoken
2. One With The World
3. The Lesson 
4. Hope Remains (Day By Day)
5. Those Sundays Are Gone | 6. Shout 
7. Satellite A-9
 8. Light
|9. Nothing Lasts Forever
 10. The Things I Never Told You

Each song is recorded with care, with particular attention to the balance between the sounds of the guitars and synthesizers. Every song has something to say, a unique and special atmosphere. Curious?

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