Prophets Of Addiction, the new video for "Babylon Boulevard"

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Prophets Of Addiction release the brand new video for the song “Babylon Boulevard”, the song is contained in the new album of the band “Nothing but the Truth”.
“Nothing but the Truth” was released on October 26, 2018 via HighVolMusic.

“Babylon Boulevard” is the 4th video made by the band, composed by singer and bassist Lesli Sanders  and the guitarist Glenn Gilbert.
You can watch the videos at their YouTube Official Channel 


“Nothing but the Truth” is available on HighVolMusic

“Nothing but the Truth” Tracklist:
1.American Dream
2.Altar of Altercation
3.Babylon Boulevard
5.Last of the Words
6.Spare the Bullets
9.Heart of Mine
10.Return the Smile


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Prophets Of Addiction - “Babylon Boulevard” Official Video

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