Swiss 70's explosive blues-rockers Edmond Jefferson And Sons unveiled new single "Helsinki"

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Oscillating between explosive riffs, dark rock and soft ballads, their music is perfectly harmonized by organic soundtextures and a mesmerizing voice...

7 years after an acclaimed self-titled album in 2012, Swiss 70's alternative / explosive-blues rockers Edmond Jefferson & Sons will release their second full-length album called 'The Winter' for CD, LP & Digital on March 8th through Hummus Records  (Emilie Zoé, Killbody Tuning, H E X....).

In the meantime, the band just premiered a first audio excerpt from this upcoming effort with the single "Helsinki" available right now on Bandcamp.

Powerful, sensitive, introspective : 'THE WINTER' Edmond Jefferson & Sons' second album, conveys a deep and instinctive musical intention. Written mainly during winter and recorded on analog tape, the eleven tracks of this opus will take you on a journey into the intimate world of the quintet.

Stream the single "Helsinki" on Bandcamp

 Pre-order the album for physical/digital editions

70's,blues rock,Edmond Jefferson And Sons,new single,Helsinki,alternative,The Winter,Hummus Records, rockers and otheranimals,

Since the band's rock'n'roll debut in 2011, Edmond Jefferson & Sons has evolved and moved towards a more mature alternative rock.

These five musicians from Biel (CH) get together to share something from their guts. They play an instinctive music that takes us on a journey through themselves, translating emotions that are sometimes sensitive, dark or vibrant.

This powerful saturated and percussive organic sound is entirely enveloped by a visceral and mesmerizing voice.

The Winter, the band's second album, will be released on Hummus Records in March 2019.



Edmond Jefferson & Sons - “Helsinki”  Official Audio

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