The Kuadra return to the studio

The Kuadra return to the studio

After two years of touring the long distance of over 100 live (Italy, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine) for the promo of their third album "You will have no other God besides you "(2016), the Kuadra return to the studio.
The new album of the Italian quartet, presumed to be released in the first part of 2019, is followed by the Artistic Production of Giulio Favero (Teatro degli Orrori), recorded at the Lignum Studio of Villa del Conte in the province of Padua.
Soon there will be many news, for now what we can understand that this Highlights, can anticipate some other preview of the new work of Kuadra together with Favero.

Voice: Yuri la Cava 
Guitar: Emanuele Savino
Bass: Simone Matteo Tirboschi 
Drums: Van Minh Nguyen

Produzione Artistica: Giulio Favero
Riprese: Bonsignore Riccardo
Studio: Lignum studio

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