Shockin’ Head, the new video for “Falling in Reverse”

Shockin’ Head, the new video for “Falling in Reverse”

The Shockin 'Head make available on the YouTube channel of Volcano Records & Promotion the official video of their new single "Falling in Reverse" excerpt from the Xxmiles album due out next January 25th.

A concentrate of heavy metal full of aggressive and tight guitar riffs, skilfully alternating with larger sections of breath, in which the Ligurian band gives way to a clean sound and melodic chants.
There is obviously no lack of breakdowns accompanied by a scratchy scream and guitar solos that make up the trademark of the Shockin 'Head.

«Life is a daily battle that can be fought and won thanks to the support of special people who are able to light up within us the strength to face every obstacle»

With these words the Shockin 'Head describe their new record work, and this new video seems to give a concrete image to their thinking.

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Shockin’ Head - “Falling in Reverse” Official Video

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