Hyperion, outgoing video clip of the song Ultimatum

Hyperion, outgoing video clip of the song Ultimatum

To celebrate the first anniversary of the publication of the full-leght "Dangerous Days" (Fighter Records, 2017), the HYPERION of Bologna present a new video clip for the song "Ultimatum".

The filming, performed by Unreal Eyes Production at the Alchemica Music Club in Bologna, shows the band on stage during one of the overwhelming high-performance live-shows held to support the record debut.

"Dangerous Days" (8 songs, 45 min.) was released by Fighter Records on 22 November 2017 and is available in physical and digital versions on all major music platforms. The production and mastering have been prepared to recreate the pure, classic Heavy Metal sound of the '80s in the wake of bands like JUDAS PRIEST, ANNIHILATOR, IRON MAIDEN, METALLICA, MEGADETH ... The cover of "Dangerous Days" has been realized by the Australian artist Alex Ries (original title "The Lord and the Colonel").

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HYPERION - Ultimatum Official Video

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