Horizons Edge - European album release in march 2019

Horizons Edge - European album release in march 2019

After their debut album release "Heavenly Realms" from 2015 the Melbourne based five piece female fronted power metal band Horizons Edge return with their new album "Let The Show Go On".

For the past four years, Horizons Edge have been an enduring presence on the Melbourne metal scene, building a solid fan base with their high energy live show. A commanding presence on stage, Kat Sproule’s unique and powerful vocals cut an emotional swathe through Eddy Grosso’s epic guitar manifesto. Constantly pushing the boundaries of pop, prog and metal they have created a synthesis of memorable choruses and blistering guitar solos.

The new album features eleven powerful and highly entertaining metal tracks plus one instrumental interlude and was produced by Bob Katsionis (Firewind) with the vocals recorded and produced by Ralf Sheepers (Primal Fear). The album’s title track also features Ralf on guest vocals.

Driven by a high class production and Kat Sproule's charismatic voice the band creates the perfect sound for epic metal anthems ("Bring Me Home") with an experimental and progressive touch, pure ass kicking tracks ("Farewell") and epic ballads ("In Your Eyes").

Horizons Edge are ready to conquer the Power Metal World!

Horizons Edge - European album release in march 2019



Horizons Edge - “Let The Show Go On” Official Video

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