M.I.GOD. - New video + single and upcoming album

M.I.GOD. - New video + single and upcoming album

The sophisticated metal band M.I.GOD. will release their brand new album in February 2019 and end this year with their first single and video release in form of an impressive metal cover version of Margaret Berger's Eurovision Song Contest title "I Feed You My Love".

As a special bonus track on the single, which was released on November 30th, the song "Whatever" from the band's 2012 album "Floor 29" was remixed by 'Deak Ferance', who worked with electro / synth bands like PSYCHE and !distain in the past. This version demonstrates the band's courage to experiment with their own style and songs apart from typical genre boundaries.

M.I.GOD. - Specters On Parade (Digipak Edition)
Label: Fastball Music

Genre: Sophisticated Metal

Format: CD / Album

Release: 2019-02-15

With their album “Floor 29” from 2012 the sophisticated metal band M.I.GOD. from Nuremberg reaped outstanding press reviews as well as inspiring comments by well-known artists like Lzzy Hale / HALESTORM, Jürgen Plangger / EISBRECHER or Ross Thompson / VAN CANTO resulting in special attention and various shows played with big names (i. a. RAGE, BLIND GUARDIAN, ICED EARTH). Following a highly acclaimed support show for the power metal icons BRAINSTORM in 2013, M.I.GOD. shut themselves away to focus wholeheartedly on the songwriting process for the next album.

They did not know that fate dealt them several nasty blows which led to an extended absence from the stage for five years.

However, those difficult times were used in a creative way to give the talented band a total facelift. In 2018, the former quartet has transformed into a sextet bursting with vigour and energy. With unprecedented hardness, brute and technically sophisticated, M.I.GOD. perfectly meet the zeitgeist with their unique sound made of catchy melodies and power metal as well as with the highly recognizable, charismatic vocals, and present in spring 2019 the first of two albums which are conceptually connected with each other.

“Specters On Parade” is a narrative as well as musical drama, thriller, horror and mystery story. Spread out over 13 tracks plus seven intro scenes, a concept album of an epic sound scale, profound content and high emotionality has been created over the last five years.

As a bonus track, the modern and sharply produced album features the band’s very own interpretation of the song “I Feed You My Love” by the Norwegian electro pop artist Margaret Berger who came in fourth place at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013. This song will be the first single and video clip release on November 30th, 2018.

Several headliner shows are already booked until spring 2019.




M.I.GOD. - I Feed You My Love (Margaret Berger Metal Cover) Official Music Video

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