Condemned AD released new EP

Condemned AD released new EP

Swedish Thrash Metal band Condemned AD released their new EP  "Time Waits for No One". The EP was recorded in "4 White Walls Studio", and mix/mastered by Karlo Testen.


The band was formed in 1989 at Skoghall, Sweden by Mikael Klecken (vocal/guitar). In 1992 the band released their debut EP "Until death ends it all" but after some years playing together in 1994 the band split up, because Mikael Klecken had a major depressive disorder. In 2015 a good friend of the band asked Mikael  if they could temporary rejoin for his 40 birthday and do a gig at a local Rockbar, and they did with the new members - Magnus Elvsen (bass) and Sebastian Elmlund (guitar).

1. The human machine 05:32
2. Nothing is nothing 04:41
3. Time waits for no one 05:05
4. Pray 03:05
5. I dont need your war 05:15

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