Orpo Piru Releases Special Halloween's Live Video

Orpo Piru Releases Special Halloween's Live Video

The Finnish solo-project rock act Orpo Piru released a live performance which includes only vocals and guitar performing four cover songs.   

The live video in the spirit of Halloween. (mass)Murderballads consist of four cover songs for the iconic names; Damngod, Slayer, Therapy, and Nirvana. 

Orpo Piru said about the video theme:

"The performance is executed in front of an inanimate audience man and guitar style in a super secret satanik location in southern Finland. No living beings were actually harmed during the the filming, everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."

More about the band:
In 2017, Orpo Piru was formed as a solo in Tampere, Finland. Recently, he released his debut album "A-Mortal Visions" which was recorded in Studio Sampolaaris by Mr.  Antti Välimäki in the fall of 2017, who also played the drums on the record - Orpo Piru taking care of all the other instruments and vocals. After mixing in Studio Sampolaaris the record was polished in the mastering process at one of the finest workshop in Finland - Virtalähde Mastering.

Last month, Orpo Piru released his debut music video for "Betelgeuze" from their new first album "A-Mortal Visions"
"Betelgeuze" music video was produced in cooperation with Alpha Channel VFX.  And the band stated more regarding its message says "The song created a transcendent feeling, -like floating through space." 



Orpo Piru Halloween special: "(mass) Murderballads" - Live at the Docks

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