Blue Helix, the music video “ Anti-Social Butterfly” against bullying

the music video “ Anti-Social Butterfly” against bullying

Singer/songwriter of Blue Helix Sami Chohfi dealt with bullying as a kid. He wanted to create a song and video that would give hope and serve as a positive message to those who have suffered and continue to suffer from this epidemic.
Blue Helix is an award winning International Rock band that hails from two cities; Puyallup, Wa and Sao Paulo, Brasil. The band was featured on The Huffington Post for the release of their powerful anti-bullying anthem “Anti-Social Butterfly”. Blue Helix recently toured Brazil March of 2018. 
Blue Helix still remains true to the roots of Rock. They create music thats unapologetic, sincere, and with purpose. They are a hardworking Independent band that continues to fight in an industry where only the persistent and strong truly survive. Their goal is to connect emotionally with their crowd and leave them with a sense of hope.

Blue Helix  are:
Vocals/Guitar: Sami
Guitar: Arman
Bass: Wolf
Drums: Marco

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Blue Helix - "Anti-Social Butterfly" Official Video

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