Unveiled the cover and tracklist of the new Voices From Beyond album

Unveiled the cover and tracklist of the new Voices From Beyond album

It will be entitled Black Cathedral and will be released on November 30th worldwide through Volcano Records, the new Voices From Beyond album, ten traces of pure adrenaline that draw on personality and originality from the most eighty-thrash metal and its death derivations of the following decade.
In the musically powerful and aggressive songs, different themes of social, ethical and philosophical nature develop. In addition, the lyrics of three songs in particular are based on the stories of the American writer HP Lovecraft: The Hideout Of Evil inspired by the story "The city without a name", Black Cathedral inspired by the story "The darker" and Across The Mountains inspired by story "To the mountains of madness".
The album will be released in physical and digital format on November 30th and will be anticipated by some singles that will be announced soon, but in the meantime today the cover and tracklist are made known.

"Black Cathedral" Tracklist:

1. Dark Age
2. Hideout of Evil
3. Guardian of the Laws
4. I’m The Presence
5. La Valle della Coscienza
6.  The Edge of Time
7. The Black Cathedral
8. Descending into the Abyss
9. 9Across the Mountains
10. The Family

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