Haapsalu is the title of the new album by The Selfish Cales

Haapsalu is the title of the new album by The Selfish Cales

It will be released on October 19th in all the digital stores and on November 2 in physical format, the third album by The Selfish Cales entitled Haapsalu, a name borrowed from a village of eleven thousand people stretching out over the Baltic Sea.

From Estonia, a journey that becomes second birth: Haapsalu, is also a new starting point for the band Psych Rock, with a completely new training. Andy, the only remaining member of the original line up, presents with this new chapter, an intense turn of the sound towards territories straddling psychedelic and progressive. In the background Haapsalu, eleven thousand inhabitants: a glimpse from the Baltic where time seems to stand still, a snapshot of a vivid journey in search of oneself and the movements of the soul.

Here is the Haapsalu tracklist:

1. Baltic Memories
2. Smokey Shades
3. Haapsalu
4. Beyond The Last Horizon
5. Winterfell
6. Chestnut Maze
7. Fairytales, Nowadays
8. Kaspar Hauser
9. You Can't Sit With The Sabbath


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