Silver Grime, new album “Healed by the Dark” and “Children” Official Video

Silver Grime - Healed by the Dark

Swedish Epic Doom metal band Silver Grime will release their debut album 'Healed By The Dark' on October 26th 2018 via Inverse Records. The band is featuring former members of Paul Di'Anno, Obscurity and Cloudscape.
In the music video for the track 'Children', a guest appearance in lead guitar by Jonas Hansson from Silver Mountain.
The band's guitarist Lindhe comments:

"The song "Children" is about a woman from the past. Who took care of poor people's children and let them die. The video is directed by Jonas Hansson.
Album Healed By The Dark is a celebration in black. A cavalcade of heavy riffs and dark lyrics. The album is mixed by Anders Hahne."
Silver Grime is founded in 2014 by Lindhe and they have open up shows for legendary Candlemass. The band is heavily influenced by the bands such as Saint Vitus & Trouble.

Silver Grime - Healed by the Dark

Release: Silver Grime - Healed by the Dark
Format: CD/Digital
Release Date: October 26th 2018
Record label:  Inverse Records
Genre: Doom Metal
Country:  Sweden

Mixed and mastered by Anders Hahne.
Produced by Anders Hahne/Lindhe/Kronhamn.
Guest apparence: lead guitar in “Children” by Jonas Hansson.
Mystic elf choir in “Blood Red Rose” by Fredrika Lindhe.
Album cover by Bartosz Nelisinki
Pictures by Helena Sulce

Track list:
01. The Realm Of The Ancient Stones
02. Children
03. Like A Blood Red Rose
04. The Execution Of The Narcissist
05. Eclipse Of Tomorrow
06. Healed By The Dark
Lindhe - Guitar
Kalle Kronhamn - Vocals
Håkan Nyander - Bass
Michael Hildesjö – Drums



Silver Grime - "Children" Official Video

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