Watershape: promotional deal with Atomic Stuff Promotion

Watershape: promotional deal with Atomic Stuff Promotion

Watershape has signed a deal with Atomic Stuff for the worldwide promotion of their debut album, "Perceptions". Watershape is a progressive rock / metal band, heavily influenced by the likes of King Crimson, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation & Opeth. After two singles released and some video covers posted on Youtube, the band decided to take things on the next level, starting the recordings of their first official album, "Perceptions", which can be described as a very personal approach of the artistic proposal shown by Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree.


The title "Perceptions" reflects perfectly the concept of how different people can perceive the various songs of the album in a personal way, especially thanks to the different shades of moods and styles included among the nine tracks of the CD. The band will self-release the album (mixed & mastered by Luca Dal Lago) on October 12, 2018, with an official release party scheduled the following day, October 13, @ Jack The Ripper Pub in Roncà (VR - Italy).


01. Beyond The Line Of Being

02. Cyber Life

03. Alienation Deal

04. Stairs

05. The Puppets Gathering

06. Inner Tide

07. Fanciful Wonder

08. Seasons

09. Cosmic Box #9

Watershape is:

Nicolò Cantele: Vocals

Mirko Marchesini: Guitars 

Mattia Cingano: Bass & Chapman Stick

Enrico Marchiotto: Keyboards & Synths

Francesco Tresca: Drums & percussions

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