The music of Volcano Records bands arrives in Taiwan

The music of the Volcano Records bands arrives in Taiwan

Volcano Records & Promotion is pleased to announce its partnership with the HereticTW network specializing in rock and metal for the broadcast of their bands in Taiwan. The first group to enter the programming of the Asian network are, with Pills Of Lies, the Diesanera, band led by Valerio Voliani (former vocalist of Icycore, Absolute Priority and Motus Tenebrae) and Ilario Danti (former guitarist of the DEATH SS and Madness of Sorrow ) that this year reached the national finals of the Wacken Metal Battle. The single from the Crumbs album released last year for Volcano Records, is a condensation of dark, gloomy goths, doom and dark metal that looks to the sound universe of Type Of Negative, Paradise Lost and Novebre.
The announcement of the agreement with HereticTW is accompanied by the words of the Director General of Volcano Records, Alessandro Liccardo:
"In the era of liquid and digital music, a record label is no longer simply an entity that distributes through channels and other companies, the music of its artists is not an agency that offers generic and equal services for everyone.
A record label is a very complex machine that operates essentially on two distinct fields

1. Spreads the music of his band creating for each artist a dedicated project of communication and optimizing the transmission to the public of the personal content that each band has, in a differentiated way, professional and strategically oriented to long-term growth

2. Increase and develop its promotional infrastructures to create ever new opportunities for their bands on the global market
This is what, in a nutshell, makes Volcano Records to support the new generation of rock bands in which we believe, and all this becomes from month to month bigger and bigger thanks to the Volcano International sector.
In the next months we will announce several innovations that drastically increase our strategic position and operational availability on an international scale, with projects involving Europe, the United States, Japan and, more generally, the Asian markets, increasingly receptive to Western proposals .
We start today with the great news that the music of our bands arrives in Taiwan, which, we are sure, will further promote the dissemination of the music of our artists in the Far East.
This is only the first piece of a much larger and more complex work, but in the meantime we are absolutely convinced that Volcano Records will increasingly be a point of reference for the growth and diffusion of the new generation of rock bands at a national and international level."


Diesanera on HereticTW

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