TOO LOUD Records sign with Naqada Music Management!

TOO LOUD Records sign with Naqada Music Management!

We are so thrilled to announce for signing with the Italian label TOO LOUD RECORDS.

"Knowhow and attitude are the core of  TOO LOUD RECORDS." This is the main slogan that Ricky  used when he founded his record label. 

After more than 10 years spent in music industry, first as an author/guitarist/singer in bands of various musical genre like HC/Punk, Pop/Rock, and later as a producer and sound engineer in several albums for national and international artists. He felt the need to create his own path, that will allow to devote himself entirely to several musical projects in which he believes, for their artistic quality and attitude.

His appreciation is pretty obvious for any talent; "Thanks to this new reality, the artist/band will have a chance to be followed and supported entirely by professionals, throughout all stages of their musical project." - Ricky. 

The label has a strong partnership with several producers, labels and distributors, such as; WormHoleDeath, Epictronic, FIRMLINE Network , and TITANS LAB Recording Studio. 
We teamed up with the label to announce for the forthcoming releases very soon. Stay tuned this week for more!

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