"The Only One" new video from Hungryheart

"The Only One" new video from Hungryheart

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the publication of their first album, the Hungryheart together with their label Tanzan Music have recently released a new version of their debut album enriched by a complete restyling of the artwork and the presence of two bonus tracks recorded in the spring of 2018 for this special occasion.
One of these two tracks is "The Only One", an acoustically revisited track that has become the star of the band's new video.
The video produced in collaboration with Tokio Studio is set in the recording studio of the Tanzan Music recording studio, where the song has been recorded.
In "The Only One", a taste of the group's acoustic sound; but within the reprint you can also listen to the current electric sounds of the band with the song "River of Soul", also revisited and recorded again in a fresh and modern version.


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Hungryheart - "The Only One" Acoustic Version 2018

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