Bones Party vol. II: The Italian Metal beach party, July 27 - New Sea Legend (Pozzuoli)

Bones Party vol. II The Italian Metal beach party

Exactly one year later, the Bones Party returns, the Hard'n'Heavy event of the Neapolitan summer organized by MVO Concerti. On July 27th the metal festival will be held on the beach of the New Sea Legend in its second edition.

"We have worked for five months to gather all the bands, ours is a utopian idea, given the critical moment that is going through Naples under the hard'n'heavy aspect that saw the closure of two historical places where they took place the concerts in a few months, we decided to gather the best bands of Campania and bring them on the stage of the Bones. "

The first edition saw the protagonists Edu Falaschi (Angra), the Rain, the Stamina, while this year the bill will consist of only the band from Campania and will include Hangarvain, Circle Of Witches, Fall Has Come. There will not only be music to enliven the day, but Beer Pong tournaments, Beach Volleyball, stands and an art exhibition to welcome you at the entrance.

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