Record release for Viperium with video release

Record release for Viperium with video release

It’s titled Anthropophobia and it is a dark and tormented journey to discover its own demons, the first album by Viperium, a young band full of the desire to grow and make people talk about themselves.
The disc available on all digital stores and streaming platforms from May 25 and the best record stores since June 8 through Audioglobe Distribution, was launched in conjunction with the release of the video clip of the single I'm Drug, a cry harrowing and obsessive that tears the song form to represent, in a dreamlike and semi-conscious, the artistic intimacy of a group poised between nu-metal and alternative suggestions, which looks to the very first Korn, but also to the Deftones and the Coal Champber, reinterpreting these models with the recklessness typical of a young band and the potential to be developed.

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Viperium -  "I'm Drug" Official Video

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