Def Leppard records two-song session for Spotify

Def Leppard records two-dong session for Spotify

Def Leppard has recorded a session at the Spotify studios in New York.
The two-song session was taped on May 16 and will be aired at a later date as part of the streaming service's "Spotify Singles" series.
"Spotify Singles" was launched in 2016 and features artists recording at least two live songs — an original and a cover — for release exclusively on Spotify. As the name suggests, the "Spotify Singles" concept channels back the good old days of vinyl and CD singles.
The first round of "Spotify Singles", which launched in November 2016, gave users access to new music by more than 20 artists, including John Legend, Grouplove and Lindsey Stirling.

Back in January, Def Leppard finally made its entire catalogue available for downloading and streaming. The British rock icons, who had been longtime holdouts to having the band's music available digitally, even went so far as to re-record their classic hits in note-for-note replications rather than cave to a deal that didn't serve them well. Now, the band's work — from its 1979 debut, "The Def Leppard E.P." through 2015's self-titled album — can all be found online.
This past week, Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen left the JOURNEY tour to deal with a family emergency. Replacing him until he returns is Trixter’s Steve Brown.

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