Pacino: new band at Sneakout Records

Pacino: new band at Sneakout Records

Sneakout Records and Burning Minds Music Group are pleased to announce the signature with Pacino rocker alternatives for the release of their debut album. Born a few years ago from the meeting between the drummer Douglas D'Este (Moofloni), the guitarist Francesco Bozzato (Rebel Toys, Hands Off Alice) and the keyboard player Bruno Zocca (Aldo Tagliapietra, Criminal Tango), the Pacino cross their different experiences music in search of an instinctive and contaminated sound: the choice of preferring a synth to the more traditional electric bass goes precisely in this direction. The subsequent entry into the group of Mattia Briggi (X-Ray Life) completes the training. In 2017 the quartet enters the Fox Studio and begins recording his first record, then mixed and mastered by Oscar Burato at the Atomic Stuff Studio. In 2018 Pacino signed with Sneakout Records for the debut album "Fallen America", scheduled for June 1st.


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Track List:

01. Fallen America
02. Lately
03. Lifestyle
04. Desert Trip
05. Out Of The Cage
06. Iknusa
07. The Misanthrope
08. Under My Feet

Mattia Briggi: Voice

Francesco Bozzato: Guitar

Bruno Zocca: Keyboards, Synth

Douglas D'Este: Drums

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