SirJoe Project, outgoing debut album "Letze Baum"

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It's time for the debut album for SirJoe Project, a band born from an idea by Sergio Casamassima, former guitarist of Presence, a cult prog metal group from Naples, active since 1992 with seven albums. Letze Baum is the title of the album, it is a concept album inspired by a phrase read in the past by the artist: "When the last tree has been knocked down, the last river poisoned, the last fish caught, the last free animal killed.You will find ... that you can not eat money. "The subject of the story tells of the ongoing conflict between the greed of mankind and the nature that is being swept away day after day. purely musical, listening to the songs you feel this conflict even through the instruments, we talk about guitar, bass, industrial-style loops and drums, with very harsh, violent sounds, as opposed to the sounds of versatile keyboards in World Music / New Age style, with insertions of sampled ethnic voices, the vocal parts also range to various styles, from traditional rock to metal, from lyrical parts to growl style insertions.This mix arouses curiosity before, interest after and guides the listener and on a disturbing journey, sometimes claustrophobic but with an optimistic outlook. Despite being progressive (with the development of various parts and various changes of tempo) the concept "flows" pleasantly thanks to a "catchy" melodic line. The SirJoe Project are currently part of the Irukandji Booking Live Promotion roster that will take care of all the aspects concerning the management and promotion of the disc with the further support of the Mazzarella Press Office which will take care of relations with the media. Letze Baum is available on all digital platforms and in physical format.

SirJoe Project - "Letze Baum" Video Trailer

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