Parris Hyde, published the new Ep "Undercover 1"

Parris Hyde, new Ep, "Undercover 1"

The Parris Hyde released on March 30th a new EP titled "Undercover 1", composed of 4 covers, an unreleased track and the "video version" of the single "2nd2no1". The EP was created with the intention of ironing the wait for the new album and will become a recurring appointment in which the band will present unpublished covers and songs. The choice of the covers fell on "Lost Reflection", in which Parris Hyde pays homage to her favorite singer, Midnight (RIP), "Living Next Door To Alice" (Smokie), "Bad Romance" (Lady Gaga) and "House of 1,000 corpses"(Rob Zombie), all revisited in a challenge between classic and modern heavy metal, in line with the vision the band has taken on since the first album. The unpublished song "No Place To Call Home" comes from the recording sessions of the album "Mors Tua, Vita Mea", in which a slightly different style was not foreseen: in fact it is a sort of suitably energized and metallized blues.


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