Magical Heart - Another Wonderland

Label: Fastball Music

Genre: Melodic-Rock

Format: CD / Album

Release: 2018-06-01

The history of the songs on the forthcoming debut album of the rock band MAGICAL HEART goes way back to the year 2014. With drummer Charly Barth (Wayward), vocalist Christian Urner (Herezy, Old Age Revolution), bass player Robert Frenz and Hammerschmitt-guitarist Gernot Kroiss a rocking and powerful band was founded creating over the years a fan base in the Bavarian region by playing many live shows under the interim name "Quo Vadis".

After having written a few songs and contemplated the production of an album, they decided to give a more suitable name to the project and MAGICAL HEART was born. Following the album's finishing Kilian Kellner joined the band because Charly Barth left due to personal reasons.

"Another Wonderland" was produced by Urner and Kroiss as well as Fabian Wenzl at the OGM Studio ensuring a straightforward rock sound which characterizes every album track supported by experienced musicians and their joy of playing as well as vocalist Christian's nearly floating rock voice which sounds familiar and catchy at the same time giving the songs their very own identity.

With the ten album songs and the acoustic bonus track "Ocean" MAGICAL HEART press every button and prove that dynamic melodic rock can still be timeless and rich in variety.

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