Tracy Grave: Official announcement: new member in the band!

Tracy Grave, new member, new drummer, Hurricane John, Acoustic Live Tour, Dedolor Music Headquarter,Nasty Ratz

Tracy Grave band wants to welcome to their new drummer who has enjoyed the group the past month. They want officially publicize the entry into the band of Hurricane John.

Want more? Stay tuned!
Tracy Grave Official Website
Tracy Grave Facebook

Here are the upcoming concerts of the Tracy Grave band that you can see with the new line-up:
Acoustic Live Tour 2018
31/03 @Quelli Della Notte - Pattada (Sassari)
06/04 @Bodie Art - Cagliari
14/04 @Pub Peter Pan - Ardara (Sassari)
21/04 @Acoustic On The Road - Alghero (Sassari)
28/04 "Sleazy Future" Party @Rock Cafe  - Ozieri (Sassari)
26/05  @Lo Svizzero - Ozieri (Sassari)

Opener for Nasty Ratz
13/05 @Dedolor Music Headquarter - Rovellasca (Como)

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