The Voices, the new album “Light And Weirdness” is out

 The Voices, new album, “Light And Weirdness”

The release "Light And Weirdness" by The Voices, the Experimental Avantgarde A Cappella project, which comes from the voice of a single person (Paolo Ferrante, with sporadic guests). Masked Dead Records has always taken care of this artist, publishing every release (a full house and an EP, in addition to this new work). The words are all performed with the voice, there is no effect, in addition to a pinch of reverb, but the rest is all natural ... Vocally speaking, there are voices from deep bass, extreme vocal, scratched, oriental, falsetto and other more experimental, there really is everything ... What started at the end are the tracks that go to fish their own structure a minimum number of genres. The disc is reserved for 40 copies, 30 normal and 10 special, all strictly in double mini-cd ... It is also available in all digital stores.

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