Nicoletta “NicoNote” Magalotti, live in Taranto Friday 9 March!

Nicoletta “NicoNote” Magalotti, Taranto, live,  Litfiba, Moda, Diaframma

Artist of extraordinary talent and remarkable creative talents, Nicoletta Magalotti, aka "NicoNote", will be in Taranto next Friday, March 9th for an evening with unforgettable contents. Italo / Austrian born in 1962 with a base in the Rimini, Nicoletta Magalotti is a singer with a unique voice, but also an author and performer of the independent music scene. The usual voice of the Violet Eves between 1983 and 1988, he contributed in those years with his band, together with the likes of Litfiba, Moda, Diaframma and Underground Life, to feed the cult of the Italian wave scene. The 1986 Incidental Glance albums and Promenade were released two years later. In his musical career, there are also experiences with Dippy Site and A.N.D., in 1997 the alias NicoNote was born, while in 1992 he was the first solo album titled simply "Nico". He acts in multiple territories ranging from theater, to music, olte from installations to clubbing (he managed exclusive private of Cocoricò Club of Riccione) experimenting different languages of living show. Overall he has toured music and theater in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Rep. San Marino, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Israel, Canada, Argentina , Brazil. Nicoletta from the 80s to today has collaborated with very different musicians from Patrizio Fariselli of the Area to Mauro Pagani, from the Mas Collective producer to Teresa De Sio, from Dj Rocca to Ghigo Renzulli, from the jazz of Roberto Bartoli to Stefano Pilia, from White Raven to Enrico Gabrielli and others. His new album "Emotional Cabaret" has just been released, produced together with Alfredo Nuti Dal Portone and Dani Marzi, for Doc Live label

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