Revealed tracklist, cover and street date for the new WaterCrisis's record

It will be entitled "Sleeping Sickness" the new record of Neapolitan rockers WaterCrisis coming next April 27 for Volcano Records.
Sharp sounds and no less corrosive texts distinguish this last effort of the WaterCrisis, a young band that in recent years has already gathered several acclaim coming to play alongside the Lacuna Coil at the South Cheyenne Festival last August.
After a series of experiments and musical grafts, with this last record the WaterCrisis arrives to a more rough and decisive sound, which never ceases to exude stoner and psychedelic rock at every track.
Here is the "Sleeping Sickness" tracklist:
1. Check-in
2. The Hostesses die alone
3. Slaughter
4. Rotten Petals
5. It Drives You So Mad
6. Another Day Like The Other
7. The Void
8. Mortal Lien
9. Sleeping Sickness

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