Volcano records launched the brand dedicated to extreme metal: Dark Hammer Legion

With extreme pleasure we announce the launch of the new brand dedicated to extreme metal
Dark Hammer Legion.
The project we have been working on for months has just been made public on our website and the dedicated Facebook and Instagram pages have been launched.
With this new monicker we will work with radical and extreme artists and groups to support them in their record and promotional path. A good number of excellent projects have already been contracted to be announced in the coming months under the Dark Hammer Legion brand.

"In an age of decadence and obscurity of consciousness where society is anesthetized and creativity left space to a sterile repetition of meaningless forms, where are freedom, truth and creative humanity?
We search for the extreme and radical resistance of the human freedom against the massification of the spirit and the hegemony of irrational.
We believe in the reverse, in the subversive, in the obscurity of doubts that make man Creator.
“Blessed are the destroyers of false hope, for they are the true Messiahs”

(Anton LaVey)

Dark Hammer Legion Facebook

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