Kip Winger: video trailer for upcoming "Solo Box Set Collection"

KIP WINGER Launches Video Trailer For Upcoming Solo Box Set Collection

March 23rd will see the release of a box set collecting all the solo works of acclaimed Grammy nominated composer Kip Winger into one collection. 
The set will be comprised of Kip's solo albums, including:
· This Conversation Seems Like A Dream (1997)
· Down Incognito (1998)
· Songs From The Ocean Floor (2000)
· From The Moon To The Sun (2008)
In addition a bonus disc (exclusive to the physical edition, while stock lasts), which includes a new previously unreleased song and all of the bonus cuts from previous records.
The "Solo Box Set Collection" will be a strictly limited edition of 1,500 copies (worldwide) and include five CDs in vinyl replica cases and a booklet with liner notes written by Kip Winger. Pre-order

CD 1 - This Conversation Seems Like A Dream
"Kiss Of Life"
"Endless Circles"
"Angel Of The Underground"
"I'll Be Down"
"Naked Son"
"How Far Will We Go"
"Don't Let Go"
CD 2 - Down Incognito
"Another Way"
"Down Incognito"
"Under One Condition"
"Miles Away"
"Headed For A Heartbreak"
"How Far Will We Go"
"Naked Son"
"Spell I'm Under"
"Easy Come Easy Go"
CD 3 - Songs From The Ocean Floor
"Crash The Wall"
"Sure Was A Wildflower"
"Two Lovers Stand"
"Song Of Midnight"
"Only One Word"
"Broken Open"
"Everything You Need"
CD 4 - From The Moon To The Sun
"Every Story Told"
"Where Will You Go"
"Pages And Pages"
"In Your Eyes Another Life"
"What We Are"
"One Big Game"
"Reason To Believe"
CD 5 - Bonus CD
"Hands Of Love"
"Monster" (European Bonus Track)
"Holy Man"
"Free" (Instrumental)
"Now And Forever"
"Kiss Of Life" (Demo)
"Don't Let Go" (Demo)
"Headed For A Heartbreak" (Demo 1987)
"Hour Of Need" (Demo)
"Monster" (Demo)
"Rainbow In The Rose"
"Blind Revolution Mad"
"Headed For A Heartbreak" (Live)


Kip Winger - "Solo Box Set Collection" (Official Trailer)

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