Revealed tracklist, release date and cover of the new Tracy Grave album "Sleazy Future"

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The new record of the Sardinian rockers Tracy Grave will be entitled "Sleazy Future", coming on March 23rd 2018 on behalf of the well-known Volcano Records.
"Sleazy Future" is a project where the most melodic and clean sounds of AOR rock and the dirtiest of metal sleaze are accompanied by raw and extremely current texts. First of all, "Sleazy Future" is an invitation to resist and remain in solidarity with the prospect of an increasingly uncertain future.

Here is the "Sleazy Future" tracklist:
1. Cemetery sin
2. Dirty rain
3. Without scars
4. Dancing on the sunset
5. Freedom without rules
6. Make you feel the pain
7. My last goodbye
8. Over the top
9. Piece of horizon
10. Return (back in my hands)

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