KISS Expo hoping to confirm Vinnie Vincent / Robert Fleischman concert this week

Atlanta KISS Expo, Vinnie Vincent, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Robert Fleischman

Although former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent enthusiastically and quickly announced the return of the Vinnie Vincent Invasion with lead vocalist Robert Fleischman in about six months’  time at the Nashville KISS Expo towards the end of their appearance at the Atlanta KISS Expo on January 20, 2018, nothing appears confirmed.
A day later, Fleischman advised that there will be an “Invasion talk soon” while the Nashville KISS Expo advised yesterday that it was hoping to confirm the duo’s concert appearance sometime this week.
The following message was posted on L.A. Expo‘s Facebook page yesterday:
“Is this thing really happening? Good question! I hope to confirm this week that I can get Vinnie Vincent and Robert Fleischman back on stage together for a concert at a Nashville KISS Expo in June 2018. Would be pretty amazing to see Vinnie strap on his classic pink and silver signature VV guitar and blaze through some KISS and Invasion songs!”


Vinnie Vincent Invasion - Boyz Are Gonna Rock

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