New release for the rocker Steelmade "The Stories We Tell", out via Fastball Music on 30 March 2018

Being founded in 2016, the at that time four rockers released their debut album "Love Or A Lie" the same year. The album was shaped up by well-known songwriter / producer Steve van Velvet and caused quite a stir far beyond the band's homeland. Just two years later, vocalist Paul Baron, drummer Joe Williams and guitarist Jadro B. are about to up their game with their second album.
Recorded again at the Hessian Kohlekeller-Studios, the second album "The Stories We Tell" shall pave the band's way for a more successful future. And the signs are extremely favourable.
Down-to-earth rock with an alternative touch along with lyrical fine tuning facing real life with intelligence and profoundness. Steelmade enthuse every rock music fan with a perfectly matched rhythm section, crisp guitar riffs and a frontline voice.
The band knows how to skilfully come up with a few stylistic surprises, thus giving each song its own individual memorability. Thereby, they expertly dodge classic genre comparisons, their final album track "We Are Bizarre" presenting the proverbial perfect conclusion of "The Stories We Tell".
Die-hard fans from the very beginning as well as newbies should prepare themselves for spring 2018. In time for the release of the second studio album, the band plans to go on an extended club tour to play the new album to old and new fans live on stage.

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