Industrie Sonore it’s pleasant to present Guitar Masterclass with Steve Vai.

While many artists are perfectly catalogable in a musical genre, Steve Vai remains unclassifiable over the years. Thanks to his exceptional talent and skill he has a huge breadth of fans of all kinds.
He has sold over 15 million records and won three Grammys.
In National esclusive, Industrie Sonore (Marco Di Folco - Simone Fiorletta) is pleased to present his masterclass!
"Alien Guitar Secrets Masterclass" is the seminar that Steve Vai brings around the world.
Our (Industrie Sonore) stage is in national exclusive, the only Italian date.
During the seminar, Vai will play his songs, reveal the secrets of his way of playing, his techniques and answer questions from everyone.
A truly unique opportunity to listen to Steve Go talk about his guitar techniques, music business and methods to help you unlock your musical identity!
March 21 at 20:30 at the Mangoni Theater Theater (Isola Del Liri - FR)

Booking is required

Artistic director
Simone Fiorletta 327 4545732 - simone.fiorletta@gmail.com -

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